custom breakpoints without limits

Muhammed 1 year ago updated by Till Krueger 2 months ago 8

we need to have custom breakpoints for all sizes of screens. custom breakpoints without limits

That is great news, thank you!

While I love that I can now change the breakpoints, do you have any plans for *adding* additional breakpoints? I find this important because a layout for - say - UHD monitors should be possible *in addition* to those for FHD and HD monitors, being that it offers 4 to 6 times the space of an HD (1280x720) desktop.


I'm happy to inform, that you can now change breakpoints, and set your own width for all RWD modes. 

I also keep finding myself wishing for this!


We'll do this one :)

I am looking forward to this feature. I have been waiting for a long time. When you guys add this feature, you will have the same feature as webflow. Could you give me an update on this since it's been 7 months? 

okay, thank you so much. I am so excited about this one.