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Allow web page editor to automatically re-position following content when a layer is moved

Philip Taylor 3 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

Although Webwave is in most respects infinitely superior to Siteminder's "Canvas" web site editor, the latter offers one feature which Webwave currently does not — the ability to re-position following content on a page when a layer is physically repositioned.  Imagine that your page has five layers, which from the page top down are named Layers 1, 2, ..., 5.  In Canvas, if I drag layer 5 up to position it between layers 2 & 3, layers 3 & 4 automatically move down to create space for layer 5, whereas in Canvas I have to manually re-position layer 3 and all following layers.  It would be very useful if Webwave could optionally allow following content to be automatically re-positioned, while still allowing it to be manually positioned if preferred.  Could this feature be added ?

Under review

We'll take a closer look at this one