UI/UX Improvements on Editor Contextual Menu (and menu in general)

Dodo Bear 2 months ago updated by WebWave 2 months ago 1

The problem

There are several UX issues with the actual editor menu system (and in particular the contextual menu)

a. The way the shortcuts are represented (they should be aligned to the right of the item) is no standardized (and they should be adapted to the user operating system: for instance Ctrl key does not exist on a Mac and the equivalent on Mac is the Command key)

b. The contextual menu is not aware of the pop-up position. They should open to the left or right of the mouse cursor based on the space available on the right of the window. 

Possible Solution

1. Follow the best practices on UX to design contextual menus

2. Make the contextual menus adaptable to the pop-up position.

Example of a proper contextual menu:

About contextual menus:



Examples of standardized contextual menus:






Thank you!

Satisfaction mark by Dodo Bear 3 weeks ago

This is a bug, not a feature. I'm marking this as declined, but we've added this to our internal bug list. 

Thank you very much for all the feedback and links. We'll fix this soon.