Add a public changelog to know what bugs were fixed

Dodo Bear 2 months ago updated by WebWave 2 months ago 1


I've stated to work a lot more with the WebWave Editor lately and I've noticed and reported a lot of small bugs and inconsistencies.

Currently, there is no way to track the status of these bugs... There are no tickets created .. or a public changelog or release notes to see what or when is addressed.

We only have a What's New page https://webwave.me/new-features-2021 ... where there are highlighted only new features or improvements.

Possible Solution

Add a changelog or release page where you clearly indicate also what was fixed.




Good to know. Thanks!

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if you contact our support, and they are not able to help you right away you will get a ticket. Our support will then contact you whenever there are any changes to your ticket status. If that ticket gets converted to bug, you will also be notified by mail, when the bug is fixed.