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Hans-Peter Bomatter 1 year ago updated by WebWave 2 months ago 5

The cookie information and opting pop-up is a must for all websites. Like other content it has to be created in all available languages to guarantee compliance and a satisfying user experience. It is something somehow annoying but there is no way, the laws are quite strict about this matter. A built-in easy to handle solution would be highly welcommed.



We're happy to inform, that this feature is done and is available for you to play with :)

Under review

OK, I get what you need.

We'll examine this issue more closely

Hello, yes an option is already available but all you can do is accept the Cookies and this is only available in English....!!!

1. This should be configurable to make it multilingual (this is somehow indicated as the EC regulations requires it)

2. To make it perfect you should have even an option to decide how many cookies you want allow or if you would like to deny cookies in general. As this is a legal binding obligation with the new regulations, your editor should include this. This saves much time allows the site to be legal and helps the user a lot with a task he is obliged to resolve on each website by law.


A cookie law option is available.