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Add newsletter writer/author role

Hans-Peter Bomatter 1 year ago updated by Tony Venables 1 year ago 2

A writer/author like in Wordpress and other CMS has only the right to edit and create newsletters. Adding this role would be easy and a pretty nice and useful feature.


Adding this permission type would be very useful for Agency Account holders who need the owners of the websites that they manage to have permission to add their own blog articles but edit nothing else. 

This is a common requirement, as more clients want to reduce digital marketing budgets by writing and posting their own blog or news articles. To do this right now the webmaster has to give them CMS user access which also gives the client the ability to inadvertently change other website elements like H1 and H2 text tags, fonts and colours etc. This can negatively affect On-Page SEO and visual aesthetics.

Perhaps this feature could be incorporated as part of the overall overhaul of the CMS User permissions menu as opposed to a stand alone feature development.

Under review

We'll take a closer look at this one