Transformation and Animation of Elements in 2D and 3D Space

Till Krueger 5 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

The transformation of elements not only in 2D but also in 3D space, by adding the concept of a Z-Axis, would take the creative possibilities to another level. Being able to keyframe their transformations along a timeline would lift Webwave to the top of the heap of CMS systems.

While I respect your decision, I find the reasoning flawed. Webflow is the top web-builder *because* it allows transformation and animation of elements in 2D/3D space, a technique that companies like Apple uses for their most impressive product introductions. Maybe you misunderstood the idea, as this technique has *everything* to do with creating truly awe-inspiring websites.


This idea is very interesting, but it doesn't seem like a feature to create websites with, but 3D animations. I'll need to decline this idea.