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APIs for agencies to manage websites and cms users

Dodo Bear 4 months ago in Webmaster's panel updated by Tomo TheDoorShield 1 month ago 3

As an Agency I would like to automate some of the processes thought APIs.

For Websites I want to be able (through API) to:

- Create a blank website

- Create a new website based on one of my templates

For CMS users  I want to be able (through API) to:

- Add/Edit/Remove users to a Website

I think the CMS Users Add/Delete is more important than Website blank creation. Better if both were possible :)

I need this feature as I have membership only login section (using the Login Element with the User Registration Unchecked) and it would be good if I can also add users and remove via API. This means that I can link it with my CRM or other tool. 

Right now is all manual which is a pain.

Under review

This is a very interesting idea indeed. Lets vote.