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Add Search Function

Muhammed 2 years ago updated by Muhammed Amjad 4 months ago 10

We should have the ability to change the search function for our site, to choose if the search results are a pop-up or on a page. We should also get to choose what pages can be searched.

Any news on this?

We've been searching for suitable plugins able to provide this functionality, that we could integrate into WebWave. Unfortunatelly no luck yet :(


We've done tech research and we've got UX project ready. Unfortunately this is a big task, and a couple of months of development is needed. Most probably we'll get this done in Q3 2021

great, I can't wait to see this!


We've got this on our backlog. This will definitely be done.


Any ideea if this year? 


Sorry, but we're not sure yet. We tried on creating our own integrated search function, but it turns out to be a huge task. That's why right now we're thinking of integrating a 3rd party tool. If you know any worth looking at, please let me know.