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webwave marketplace

Uv raz thapa 11 months ago updated by Osaze 2 months ago 6

buy and sell templates from web wave

I believe this will catapult Webwave to compete with the likes of Wix, etc. We need fresh templates and a huge number of them. Alternatively, organizing template creation competitions with prizes could boost this area.

Ok, sounds great! Let's vote!

Under review

Could you please tell something more about your idea? Sounds interesting but needs description and use case.

Like: i am the user of webwave, and right now the only way to sell my site/template is to provide my site as templates in webwave. It would be more intresting if there is a whole marketplace where creative users can share there sites and sell it there desired price, that way users can earn extra money too.

A person who need sites will pick the best sites that fits his desire and pay money, and a template owner will earn some extra cash by providing the site.