Self Manage DNS Records

Tony Venables 7 months ago in Webmaster's panel updated by Osaze 2 months ago 6

If you have a domain name registered with a 3rd party registrar (example Go Daddy) and you decide to delegate the DNS management of that domain name to webwave by changing the NS records to webwave.me or webwavecms.com you lose the ability to add or change those records because WebWave does not provide a self managed DNS interface. So if you want to add a CNAME record or change the MX and TXT records to point to a different mail server (not WebWave's) like gmail or outlook you have to contact WebWave support and get them to do it. It would be better if users could self manage their delegated domains from within the WebWave Webmaster panel, resulting in DNS record changes happening much faster and less chance of human error occuring.

This is probably the most important feature for power users.


Long overdue in my honest opinion


Unfortunately, as of 11 Sep 2023 after checking with the agent, Kamil Ładziak said that this is not planned.

Find it misleading if that's the case, where it's indicated as planned here. Secondly there is no timestamp on the replies and threads :(

This would be an awesome addition the an already awesome platform 

When will we see this up loaded 

Excellent idea. This feature is available with every other email hosting account that I've used previously and would be a welcome addition to Webwave.


Interesting idea! Let's vote!