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Allow web page editor to automatically re-position following content when a layer is moved

Philip Taylor 3 years ago updated by WebWave 10 months ago 7

Although Webwave is in most respects infinitely superior to Siteminder's "Canvas" web site editor, the latter offers one feature which Webwave currently does not — the ability to re-position following content on a page when a layer is physically repositioned.  Imagine that your page has five layers, which from the page top down are named Layers 1, 2, ..., 5.  In Canvas, if I drag layer 5 up to position it between layers 2 & 3, layers 3 & 4 automatically move down to create space for layer 5, whereas in Canvas I have to manually re-position layer 3 and all following layers.  It would be very useful if Webwave could optionally allow following content to be automatically re-positioned, while still allowing it to be manually positioned if preferred.  Could this feature be added ?



Sure, thanks for this ideas. 

We're going to do this one.

Yes, that is exactly right, although in my mind those sections were, in fact, layers rather than parts of a layer.  Perhaps layers could carry a flag, settable via the GUI, that would allow them to indicate whether they were to be absolutely positioned (the present behaviour) or would automatically position themselves above, below or between other layers ...

After analysis I think, that what you need is some kind of sections, that can be created on the website. Those sections are positioned one under another and automatically position themselves. Is that correct?

Under review

We'll take a closer look at this one