Add global colors

Dodo Bear 2 years ago updated by WebWave 2 months ago 8

The problem

Right now, I'm not able to define global colors (similar to global text styles) that can be applied to multiple objects across pages and later if I need to change a color then that change will be automatically propagated.

This is also useful for templates... customising colors would be a breeze.

Possibile solution

Please add global colors

This feature is coming up soon. We've already developed a clickable alpha, and right now we're stabilizing this, and upgrading UX. Stay tuned :)


A great one.

Really needed.

Have an enjoyable day you and your team,

When picking a color you guys (devs) already have a place to save colors "My colors" under "Recently used colors". If those colors can be assignable (similar to now) AND editable so that if we change one, all the elements that were using that color also change. 

This is exactly what we're going to introduce.


Global Everything. Colours, typography, button, etc. Everything!

Under review

Great idea. Lets get more votes on this one