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I'm happy to inform, that this is done :)

This is interesting idea. Let's vote.

Next week we're going to introduce PayPal as a Payment option in e-commerce. And not long after we'll introduce all currencies available in Stripe. I hope that will help you solve your problem.

Yes, we do use analytics on all websites. That's for security reasons. But you can connect your own analytics to your website as well.

I'm happy to inform, that this feature has been introduced and is now available :)

Could you please send examples of what you have in mind? 

Sorry, but I dont really understand what you have in mind. Could you please explain in more details?

I've read your idea, and I think you are able to do that already. Just change the viewport width and height, dragging handles on the edges of the canvas. This way you'll get exactly what you need.

If that's not it, please add more examples on what is that you need.

Could you please explain, what do you need exactly?