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Hi! I want to be able to add/edit a app-ads.txt file in the root of the website

app-ads.txt is an extension to the Authorized Digital Sellers (ads.txt) standard.

app-ads.txt works very much in the same way as its web-browser-based counterpart, ads.txt but is targeted to Mobile and OTT app developers.

Use case.

I have a published mobile app running Ads. For this app As a developer I've created a presentation website using WebWave. The website asociate/identify the publisher (me) the developer of the app thought the  app-ads.txt (in the similar way the ads.txt works).

A similar functionality already exists in WebWave is called "Shared elements".

This functionality (to add HTML, CSS or JS) is already available in WebWave.

I don't think this is done.

It still takes 24 hours for the SSL certificate when we add a custom domain, and it takes 48hours for the agency domain.

The extended license allows this (to be included into a SaaS product). 

This is why I've suggested. Brizy Website Builder already include this.

I'm sure that contacting them will clear out many things and maybe get a deal.

There is also .. if you contact them I'm sure you will reach to a deal also.

Most website builders include templates and other assets (free or premium) ... I don't really understand why you guys think that these days is enough to include Material Design Icons and Unsplash.

Hi! Maybe I was not clear about the request.

Monitoring websites internally for security or performance reasons is one thing and this is covered by the Terms and Conditions between WebWave and the Website owner(account holder).

What I'm referring is the Google Analytics included on the published site ... where we as a Website owner have a direct relation with our website users/visitors from a GDPR perspective.

By default, Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant. When using Google Analytics on a published website, we must first obtain the explicit consent of end-users to activate the Google Analytics cookies, as well as describe all personal data processing in the website's privacy policy.

Right now the way WebWave Analytics are working is by setting the tracking cookies without user implicit consent (showing a cookie banner is no longer enough for EU visitors) which makes all published websites by default non GDPR compliant.

So yes.. this is a Privacy problem.. and it concern all of us from EU.

Hi! I've tested the layer stacking order [CTRL ] ] and [CTRL [ ] in Chrome on macOS and is not working.

Is there any progress on this?

I really need this simple feature, right now I need to inject Custom CSS to achieve simple shape like these:

This option is not available, what we have right now are the alignment options:

- space vertically

- space horizontally

Again, as I said in my first post. With the alignment options you can't specify an exact space value.